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The birth of a font!! If you have any questions about how the whole process of fonts being born -- or "coming into being" -- works, it'll probably be answered in a future update. But you can feel free to ask about it in the comments too, and I'll do my best to explain without spoiling anything! Futura, bless her, is kind of bad at explaining things.

SHWOOM is my new favorite sound effect, mostly because it's almost always used in dramatic scenes, and just sounds so inescapably silly! So of course I used it in the most dramatically silly scene I could muster.
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naked TNR lololol
eleanor 10/31/19 reply
Sweet. I guess I never thought about how fonts were made. Or how they ended up on a typewriter or computer screen. You've taken something everyone looks at daily and done something amazing with it!
Andy 1/20/16 reply
Thank you so much! I mean, obviously in our world there aren't personifications of fonts walking around...but it IS very easy to forget that real people drew every letter of the fonts we use so casually!
 Emma  1/20/16 reply
That's exactly what I mean! Before this, I've never given fonts a second thought, though I often use different ones I find online to create props for my tabletop games and the like. A book of these stories, with some historical notes on the actual creation of fonts, would be amazing, imho.
Andy 1/20/16 reply
There's not really more scenes of the actual creation of the fonts (it would get fairly redundant-looking after a while, I fear) though I do hope to publish this in a book someday, as I did with Chapel! I've drawn it all optimized for print, so it shouldn't be too difficult.
 Emma  1/20/16 reply
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