THE LEAGUE OF FONTS is where typefaces are born. Every time a font is created in the world, it manifests as a living, breathing, Font – human for all intents and purposes, but unable to age or die unless their typeface falls into disuse. They live together on the League of Fonts, which serves as a secret island hub, bustling corporation, and home. It’s a world full of its own internal intrigues like any office, and Times New Roman is its powerful CEO. He’s got a lot on his plate lately: planning the League’s famous Decennial party, struggling with modern technology, and hiding his embarrassing addiction to the Twilight movies. Times New Roman is confident he can keep everything under control…but what’s an old font to do when a young boy named Louis Pepping accidentally stumbles onto the secrets of the League?
Find out every Wednesday!
AUTHOR Hi, I’m Emma T Capps! I’m 18 years old and I like to make comics, dresses, and friends. I started my first webcomic, The Chapel Chronicles, way back when I was in middle school! Since then, I’ve gotten to exhibit my Chapel comics all over the country, and even work on special installments of the comic for Dark Horse Presents.
Besides drawing comics, I teach cartooning workshops at 826 Valencia, a San Francisco-based nonprofit writing and tutoring center. I’m super proud to say that I’ve raised the percentage of female students in my classes from 20% to over 50% - getting girls into comics is super important to me! In Fall 2016, I’ll be moving back to New York City to resume my studies at the School of Visual Arts after a brief medical leave. In the meantime, I’m busy designing/sewing all my own clothes, exploring the city with my tiny dog, and of course…drawing this comic! You can drop me a email at emmatcapps@gmail.com, or chat with me on Twitter @EmmaTCapps.
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