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Prologue: Page 34
Why is the hallway to his office rather dark? Why are there old-fashioned lamps? Honestly, he probably just lives for the drama and wants it to seem fairly sepulchral. I colored this page while listening to music from the "Black Mirror" soundtrack, so maybe that subconsciously influenced my lighting choices...

In other news, next week's page might be late because I will have just gotten back from abroad and haven't had much time to work! Apologies in advance if I can't get it up in time.
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Really, TNR is CEO? He is one anachronistic, flamboyant bloke! Safe travels, BTW.
CCapps 6/29/19 reply
Thank you! Yes, he is - the process is based on lots of factors but has a lot to do with use, ubiquity, and popularity of a particular font.
 Emma  6/30/19 reply
Are those selfies along the wall?
Computer Overlord 6/26/19 reply
Paintings, but he doesn't believe in color. Too joyful.
 Emma  6/28/19 reply
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