Prologue: Page 9
I don't know why, but I love panel 5 so much, I even made it my phone background! I'm just really proud of how it turned out, and poor Louis's jumpy expression makes me laugh every time. Public speaking anxiety is a real problem, though - it can be super stressful to have to read stuff out in class, so I tried to capture Louis's pit-of-the-stomach feeling through my colors in this page. Poor Louis. I've given him the least dramatic introduction of any character ever.

Whose phone do you think is ringing in the last panel? Is there every ANY good reason to trust someone who has two phones? (Probably not, in my opinion).

Fun history fact: Did you guys know that the reason we call signatures John Hancocks is because his was the biggest name on the American declaration of independence? Of course, in this comic it means something different, which you'll find out more about next week...but it's a fun play-on-words, anyway.

Who am I kidding, though - it's pretty obvious who's phones are ringing, as we've only met two fonts so far. Oh, well! See you next week to find out officially - and find out a bunch of other interesting things, too.
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I love how there's a kid that's sleeping during the class. I really hope he gets called on.
Artemis1010 2/14/16 reply
Haha, the kids in this school REALLY know how to goof off, don't they? I'm glad you like the little details I put in, though.
 Emma  2/15/16 reply
sid 2/12/16 reply
I'm glad I'm not the only one who found that funny...
 Emma  2/12/16 reply
i loved that line! so curious about The Chewing Gum Incident...
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 2/12/16 reply
How about this: If any of you have theories about the Chewing Gum Incident, I'll pick my favorite and bless it as officially canon :)
 Emma  2/14/16 reply
I'm also interested in the red (auburn?) haired girl in frame six, she doesn't seem to be laughing, and she looks interested. Dare I hope that not all of his classmates are jerks?
Nefariousdro 2/11/16 reply
She was giggling a bit in the last page, but she didn't necessarily look like her heart was into it. I'd say like in any similar group situation, not everyone's a jerk, they're just going with the crowd a little too much.
 Emma  2/11/16 reply
Oh, dear, poor Louis! I feel his struggle.

I love the rotary phones in the last panel, they're drawn really well. The John Hancock label is intriguing, too. I'm look forward to the next installment. :D
cherry 2/11/16 reply
Aw, thank you, I'm so glad you like them! It turns out my dad had several rotary phones in storage, so I spent some good time figuring out how to draw them in perspective before I attempted this upcoming scene.

I'm so happy you're excited for next week's page! I am too :)
 Emma  2/11/16 reply
If the League of Fonts is fonts, John Hancock might refer to a League of Script? Hmmmm. Awesome as always!
Andy 2/10/16 reply
Haha...interesting guess, but that's not exactly'll see the truth next week, though! ;)
 Emma  2/10/16 reply
Somehow I just noticed how cute their uniforms are! They have sleeve stripeys! Also: his embarrassment in panel four is just so relatable, from the red face to the "sorry."
Grace 2/10/16 reply
Yes! The stripes are really fun to draw -- although a bit self-indulgent on my part, just because I love doing cool patterns. Oh well!

I'm glad I was able to express his embarrassment!
 Emma  2/10/16 reply
Aw...poor Louis! He's already grown on me so much! I was just about to comment on how great panel 5 was before I read your commentary, so you're definitely doing it right ;) I'll be eagerly awaiting the next update.
Lily 2/10/16 reply
Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you like him! I was a little bit worried because I gave him SUCH an unglamorous introduction...but it's just to set up for future growth. :)

I'm glad that you're keeping up with the comic! Next week we'll have more font action, too.
 Emma  2/10/16 reply
You done a VERY good job of capturing the Terror and Fear of public speaking. I love you Louis. It's okay baby.
Charlie 2/10/16 reply
"the Terror and Fear of public speaking" oh my gosh...he would definitely agree with you there!
 Emma  2/10/16 reply baby.... i love his wobbly dialogue tails and his reddening panel backgrounds and his nervous faces.... like oh. oh lil buddy. you're gonna grow so much. its all up from here.
matty 2/10/16 reply
Ah i'm so glad you liked the wobbly dialogue tails! I had a lot of fun drawing them.
 Emma  2/10/16 reply
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