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Meet Futura! Her dress and hairstyle (and overall character design in this scene) are inspired by a vintage photograph I found of Josephine Baker, who is one of my favorite intriguing historical celebrities -- that is, after Polaire, a famously shocking entertainer. Polaire unfortunately isn't very well-known today, but you should totally look her up once you finish reading this comic. She was famous for wearing freakishly tight corsets that gave her a waist of SIXTEEN inches! I'm kind of obsessed with her, because apparently I'm the kind of person who obsesses over obscure 19th century celebrities...and the kind of person who decides to make an elaborate webcomic about fonts, for god's sake. You see a trend here.
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Very cool. Loving this! I also love your notes.
Andy 1/20/16 reply
Thank you! I always added commentary on Chapel that people seemed to enjoy, and it's particularly necessary here since there's so much behind-the-scenes work that went into the designs that might not be so readily apparent. And I love sharing my inspirations with people, even if they're obscure historical celebrities!
 Emma  1/20/16 reply
I love the idea that they just have balloons in their pockets for the birth of a new font.
I also love how they all talk in their own fonts, even though hand lettering them sounds Immensely Difficult. Good luck! I'm so excited still eeeeeeeeep!!
Charlie 1/20/16 reply
It wouldn't work unless they all spoke in their own fonts! Luckily Futura and TNR are pretty easy to do, but it's not going to be as fun to do when I introduce the characters with more elaborate fonts...
 Emma  1/20/16 reply
i love the it's a boy paraphernalia. where did it come from? how many sets of gender balloons do they stock? we just don't know
Rochelle 1/19/16 reply
Futura is just really intent on making sure that they are properly festive and CELEBRATE the special birth of a font. I mean, it's only 1931 so she isn't jaded yet.
 Emma  1/19/16 reply
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