Prologue: Page 34
Why is the hallway to his office rather dark? Why are there old-fashioned lamps? Honestly, he probably just lives for the drama and wants it to seem fairly sepulchral. I colored this page while listening to music from the "Black Mirror" soundtrack, so maybe that subconsciously influenced my lighting choices...

In other news, next week's page might be late because I will have just gotten back from abroad and haven't had much time to work! Apologies in advance if I can't get it up in time.
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Emma, it's been a while since I've checked League of Fonts for updates. I'm glad that you're doing well now and I hope to see more from you in the future.
Noor 5/7/20 reply
Hi Emma! I used to comment as Miss LSP on your Chapel comic (it's been awhile since then!). I just read through the prologue and this comic is so wonderful-- you're so talented! I hope that things are going alright and that life is treating you well. :)
Skye 1/21/20 reply
Emma, What a story, I mean your long illness. One can never quite put oneself in another's place, but the story itself is very moving, thanks for sharing. I had followed "Chapel Chronicles" for quite some time and liked it a good deal. I was rather disappointed when it seemed to have stopped, now I know why. I was just checking through my "Ended Comics" folder and thought I'd give C C another look, was I surprised to find LoF, most pleasantly so. BTY, Libby Owens Ford was the name of a company that made glass for the automotive industry, guess which manufacturer! On a more personal note, Louis really reminds me of myself in Jr. High, High school, very introverted and with my nose in a book, often a history book! Field trips were a boring way to get out of school and I was rather glad when they stopped! I'm rather taken with the idea of fonts having a personality, I wonder what it says about me that I much prefer fonts that don't have "serfs" Still it's a clever idea and carried out most cleverly. Best wishes etc.
One strange internet denizen 9/28/19 reply
Really, TNR is CEO? He is one anachronistic, flamboyant bloke! Safe travels, BTW.
CCapps 6/29/19 reply
Thank you! Yes, he is - the process is based on lots of factors but has a lot to do with use, ubiquity, and popularity of a particular font.
 Emma  6/30/19 reply
Are those selfies along the wall?
Computer Overlord 6/26/19 reply
Paintings, but he doesn't believe in color. Too joyful.
 Emma  6/28/19 reply
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