Prologue: Page 33
Yes, Old English's secret is that...he's bald. Obviously Futura and everyone working at the Fonternity Ward already knows this, because fonts can't really change their appearance (besides getting a haircut or doing a style) which means Old English - like TNR - has been bald his entire life.

Now the only question many years has he been wearing that damn hat?
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Why did I hear sinister music playing when TNR said "Kerning Panel" ?(note the caps!)

So, I have to ask -- OE reminds me of the old-time comic strip character Jiggs from Bringing Up Father (because of the hat + red nose). Intentional, or once again am I just showing my age?
Waffledog 6/20/19 reply
Probably subconsciously intentional, I love Bringing Up Father and feel like it’s an important part of comics/comics history! Also, you should take EVERYTHING Times New Roman says with a sinister tone...
 Emma  6/21/19 reply
I just realized that his rumpled, off-center hat really mimics the flourishes on an old english font's vertical strokes. Kudos.
Computer Overlord 6/19/19 reply
Thank you!!! I wasn’t sure if anyone would get that.
 Emma  6/21/19 reply
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