Prologue: Page 32
I'm still out of the country, so hopefully this is going to publish correctly; I colored this on a very long flight while the person sitting next to me fell asleep and fenced me in. So, with no further ado...Here’s Old English’s proper introduction! He's also been added to the Cast Page now, so go and take a gander.

Remember when Helvetica FaceTimed him way back on page 15? Now here he is in the flesh - and fully clothed, this time.

Here’s a question for you – can you guess what secret Old English is going to TNR?

(No, it's not about tattoos, although I promise he has plenty of them underneath his inexplicable outfit. After all, the #1 font for certain types of bad tattoos is...well...)
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I am a big fan of Old English. Thanks for making him such an interesting character!! It seems like we will be seeing more of him as things develop.
6/18/19 reply
I’m so glad you like him!!! Even if it’s not always immediately apparent I try to make all my characters multi-dimensional beings. And yes - he is an important character and he will be in many more scenes to come!
 Emma  6/21/19 reply
The Secret of the Red Fedora (sounds like a Sherlock or Hardy Boys story). Even odds he's just as bald?
Computer Overlord 6/12/19 reply
Haha, you guessed it!
 Emma  6/21/19 reply
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