Prologue: Page 31
Happy summer! Hopefully everyone's enjoying the warmer days and the fewer responsibilities. I'm all done with my finals and have just (for some reason) piled it on even heavier with all these comics I've got to do to keep up!

I realize this is a pretty text-heavy page, but hey, that’s just how TNR does business. Granted, I don’t think ordering people around is particularly good praxis! But it's fitting for who he is, and how long he's been operating in this role in his life (remember he was "born" in the 30s!) We’ve also got…a rare personal moment happening for him, which is new, to say the least.

I’m also out of the country with inconsistent internet access, so I might not be super speedy with replying to comments – especially since my time zones are now all out of whack! Hopefully the pages will post normally at least, but that's all up in the air for now.
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"Praxis" -- been reading Anathem? I know it's a "real" word, but this book is the only place I recall ever seen it actually used.
KilleenWizard 9/17/19 reply
Maybe he should get one of those selfie-retouching apps on his phone to hide his cue ball up there
Computer Overlord 6/12/19 reply
I love his string tie and interesting jacket. He almost looks dapper, or maybe he used to be.
Wonder what is about to happen with the mirror? Is more magic afoot ?
Have a great time with your travels and congratulations on managing this very complex page while en route.
CCapps 6/5/19 reply
Thank you! You'll just have to see next week :)

The sad thing is, he's always looked the same way. If you go back to the beginning of the comic...his looks haven't changed at all.
 Emma  6/6/19 reply
I almost expected him to say "Aaay!" (ala the Fonz) when looking in the mirror. How is that for a comment that dates myself...
Waffledog 6/6/19 reply
Henry Winkler is an amazing actor, so that’s a good reference! I’ve never actually seen him as the Fonz, though...
 Emma  6/6/19 reply
The Fonz is worth checking out as a cultural touchstone of the 70s nostalgia craze for the 50s. There are some highs and lows, with the most infamous low being the origin of "jumping the shark"
Waffledog 6/7/19 reply
Haha, I do know about that...pretty hilarious origin of the phrase, for sure.
 Emma  6/8/19 reply
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