Prologue: Page 3
(This is page 3 of a 6-page batch update - click the right arrows to read the next page!)

GASP!!! What on earth could be happening here? You must all be on the edge of your seats, trying to unravel this mystery...

Just kidding. You're gonna find out in the next page. Aren't batch updates grand?

Production note: All the writing in this comic is hand-drawn. That means, yes, all the type design sheets and floaty letters on this page were painstakingly drawn by me. There's actually no fonts anywhere in this comic about fonts!!! Crazy!!! Please, someone save me from my neurotic impulse to do everything by hand.
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I love this. Saw the first two pages on facebook and finally got here. Can't wait to see more.

Stop. Cheat. Use of the fonts via whatever medium you can is fine! It might even add to your art (as well as make things slightly easier for you overall!). Do not indulge in your neurotic impulse to do everything by hand! ;)
Andy 1/20/16 reply
Originally I DID plan to do these speech balloons in the real fonts, but I found it looked too dissonant once I got to the point where there are characters introduced with more flowery or decorative typefaces. Doing it by hand helped to tie it together so the fonts weren't distracting from the drawings!
 Emma  1/20/16 reply
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