Prologue: Page 29
Yes, if you didn’t already figure it out, this is where the whole chapter was leading. Yes, that pen did just materialize in his pocket (it’s not like Futura is here to dispense him one!) Yes, the person who did bump into him has an outfit the exact same color as the pen. Yes, Louis doesn’t seem appropriately freaked out by the appearance of the pen. Yes, he’s kind of a ridiculous boy. But he’s also a child, and at this point in time he has panicked so much about messing up a museum exhibit that he’s just become numb to this field trip going horrifically off-kilter.

Besides, that pen doesn’t look…TOO menacing, does it?
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Unlike many learned readers, I am new to understanding fonts. You are making it into an adventure, thanks!
CCapps 6/1/19 reply
I wonder if there are fewer than 100,000 fonts in the world? (Because you have 5 digits of precision.) Probably. But of course, they could always add extra digits later.

Now, how many GOOD fonts do you think there are? Fewer than 100? Definitely fewer than 1000. I think I use fewer than 10 (and of course never more than two on the same document)
Computer Overlord 5/25/19 reply
That's the intent - numbers get added later :) I think everyone's idea of a "good font" differs, so there are varying amounts. It's very personal!
 Emma  5/26/19 reply
I suspect this will be the best pen ever!
Susanna 6/2/19 reply
Read the whole thing. Love it. My favorite font, irl, I think, is called Columbus and used a bit in the Call of Cthulhu rpg. Keep up the wonderful work.
Andy Miller/Max Writer 5/22/19 reply
Thank you so much - I'm SO happy you like the comic, I love it very much and have worked hard to ensure I can update regularly (even while I'm a full-time university student!) I really appreciate the kind words.
 Emma  5/25/19 reply
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