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Another reaction I got to this page was “why is Louis upset about summer homework? Geez, I thought this kid was, you know, a NERD.” Well, when you’re kind of racked with guilt about somehow magically messing up a museum exhibit, I think your mind is preoccupied. Besides, hearing the prompt for the essay relaxes him – you know, like it does.

I don’t know if this is an American thing, but whenever we went on field trips, we’d have some sort of lunch voucher or card that we had to use. This would usually be good for collecting something to eat at the museum cafeteria or correspond to a bagged lunch we had back in the bus. Either way, they had to feed us, so we all had to make sure we kept the lunch cards in our pockets until it was time to eat. This was often a very exciting moment in the field trip, because eating at the museum was always a big delight. Or maybe that’s something I uniquely enjoyed, but I still have really fond memories of it. AH, the break in routine!
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I second the citation of the bleed. It’s a great segue that shows Louis always feels a bit of an outsider
Computer Overlord 5/17/19 reply
Thank you so much! That's exactly what I was trying (hoping) to evoke.
 Emma  5/17/19 reply
I like the out-of-frame start to this page where Louis is returning to the class. It is reminiscent of what is called a full-bleed in the printing industry where the image goes out to the edge of the page. It feels like that was the intent here, by the CSS margins don't allow for it.

Summer homework?!? Glad I didn't go to Alfred Moss!
Waffledog 5/17/19 reply
Yes, it is a full bleed - and like my other webcomic, the intent is that League of Fonts will eventually become a printed volume. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work with the site’s design as well as in print, but I’ve always preferred print anyways.

Most schools have summer homework, even universities! I had summer reading for my uni, for example.
 Emma  5/17/19 reply
So what’s thus summer’s sssignment?
Computer Overlord 5/17/19 reply
No clue yet, I'm in the middle of finals.
 Emma  5/17/19 reply
I didn't think Louis was unhappy about summer school.I think the panel where his face is all pink, the wavy lines and reddish background are waves of embarrassment, fear, and anxiety coming off him. He's trembling and scared because he thinks he's going to have to write about what just happened. Then he's relieved and happy it's history because Louis loves history.
Susanna 5/25/19 reply
I went to some schools that (tried) to assign it, and some that did not.
Because I moved around so much, though, there was never a point for me to do any of the assignments as I would more than likely be in a completely different school the following year.
The new school might try and penalize me for not having doing THEIR summer homework, but how was I to know what they had assigned if I'd not attended previously, and more than likely wasn't going to be attending the following year?
Miles 5/17/19 reply
Oh, that makes a lot of sense...very frustrating that they weren't understanding! What an awful thing...
 Emma  5/20/19 reply
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