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Wow, it would have been really helpful if that security guard had showed up about two pages ago! But I guess she wasn’t looking. Have you ever felt this way? As soon as you peer too close to the artwork, the guards at a museum seem to materialize out of nowhere and chastise you! I mean, Louis was touching the glass here, and he did definitely mess things up…but she didn’t seem to be anywhere in sight when everything was glowing and being all magical. Or, you know, the Disc kind of going a bit blank.

Who knows! I feel like she’s still pretty good at her job. In my mind, she was off helping Mrs. Bridgman corral the rowdy kids in Louis’s class (who are definitely capable of much more severe infractions than simply touching the glass case of an item), so I think that was a valid reason to be occupied.
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I cant wait to see what happens next!! I want to see the two worlds collide !! :-)
Eleanor 5/13/19 reply
Thank you so much!!! It a while, potentially...
 Emma  5/14/19 reply
love from germany ;)
Eleanor 5/13/19 reply
!!!! Yay!
 Emma  5/14/19 reply
I don't know if it was an intended reference, but there is a long-running gag on the sitcom Arrested Development regarding the phrase "No touching!"

I believe it was on the commentary to the Clerks: The Animated Series DVD where they went to a lengthy discussion of the concept of repetition in comedy, which comes to mind on the idea of long-running gags.

Plate of shrimp.
Waffledog 5/9/19 reply
I don't think so, but I scripted this a long time ago, so maybe it embedded in my psyche somehow...who knows! I'm going to have to look it up, but I agree in the power of repetition for comedy and narrative strength...
 Emma  5/9/19 reply
I guess he doesn't notice the glowing letters on his hand? I think I would do more than 'sigh' if I saw a neon orange tattoo suddenly appear. I guess his posture is more slumpier than usual so he doesn't see it.
Computer Overlord 5/8/19 reply
Oh sweet Louis is trembling. If you hear "Hands Up" you don't look at the back of your hands! You look at the scary person in front of you! Louis can't even see them anyway because look, his hands are all the way back at his shoulders. Like when magical spells in books go up the person's arms and inside them and they don't figure it out until "why is the spell book blank? where did they go?" Then uh-oh.
Susanna 5/8/19 reply
Yeah! That's exactly it.
 Emma  5/9/19 reply
Is the SSSSS a soft whisper of the letters? Louis's heart is probably beating so loud he wouldn't hear it.
Susanna 5/25/19 reply
He doesn't see it! He's so laser-focused on the Phaistos Disc and then on being caught by the guard that he hasn't seen it at all...
 Emma  5/9/19 reply
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