Prologue: Page 26
Kids, don’t touch the art. Even the glass case protecting something! In most cases, it’s not going to glow bright yellow, but you never know. There’s a library near me with a bunch of very rare antique manuscripts, but you can’t even see them any more because they were so destroyed by people touching them and messing them up. Our fingers have lots of oils in them that can hurt art and archaeological specimens!

Okay, I realize that’s pretty basic advice and most people…follow rules and don’t touch things in museums. Louis also seems like he follows rules. I wonder why he…didn’t, in this case.

Beyond the glowing, does the disc look different to you? Perhaps a little bit…empty of engravings?

(That’s right, I’m not going to explain his motivation for doing things, it’s a comic and you can decide what you think).
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I would have missed that the engravings were missing without your commentary (which I do appreciate!). I noticed that it looked dimmer, but it wasn't util I went back to last week's strip that I saw just how much it had changed. I guess that is one of the challenges of a weekly serial (by which I mean clueless audience, not continuity :)
Waffledog 5/2/19 reply
Thank you so much!!! I was concerned people wouldn't notice, so I'm glad you at least read the commentary. It's something that's much more obvious in print (and with the pages next to each other), but can be hard to see the visual continuity when reading week by week. I guess I really like destroying priceless objects in my comic...
 Emma  5/3/19 reply
Even though it's obvious you can't touch the real thing, it must be a primal need to touch things, so the glass bears the brunt of it.

Cue the music while the train pulls out of the station and heroine has her hand pressed to the window while the hapless, non-hero trots along the platform (and a few dozen other tropes based on glass separation).
Computer Overlord 5/2/19 reply
That's very true - as humans we rely so much on tactility for both understanding our world and emotional comfort! I am a big advocate for platonic physical touch, I think it's really wonderful and I hug my friends a lot. As humans in modern society we're often very touch-starved!

I never really thought about glass tropes before but that's definitely a good point...
 Emma  5/3/19 reply
Glass Tropes! In tv tropes that's called Window Love: aka Touching Through Glass.
Susanna 5/6/19 reply
Oh, interesting...
 Emma  5/7/19 reply
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