Prologue: Page 24
I happened to show this page to a professor of mine, and he promptly informed me that my drawings on this page are incorrect, as “that isn’t what Tinder looks like.” I didn’t bother to correct it, because it’s a one-panel sight gag and I really don’t need to do any further investigation on Tinder in the slightest. (Disclaimer: The League of Fonts does not condone using Tinder if you are under 18. Even then, exercise caution).

ANYWAY, back to this comic scene about a literal child! This page isn’t supposed to make a whole lot of sense – like the previous inclusion of the Rosetta Stone, the item on this page is a real thing that exists in the world, but unless you already know what it is I’ll leave you to ponder on it until next week. Or, like, Google should probably work fine on this one. Knock yourself out. See you Wednesday!

Also, leaving a field trip to go explore a special interest is 100% something I would have done. But you have to be polite about it! Take a page out of Louis’s book here: politeness is key, especially if your teacher is obviously so sick of dealing with kids all day that she’s had to resort to mindless online dating during a field trip.
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I was amused; I just closed a tab in my browser earlier this evening for the Wikipedia page (which has lots of detail) for the Phaistos disc, which I had opened about a week ago.
KilleenWizard 9/17/19 reply
Louis, look out! There's an odd orb, maybe glowing, around the corner in a museum and no one else is there!
Susanna 4/24/19 reply
Probably a happy accident, but I like how the "Exhibit" sign turns into an arrow at Louis's head and says "I bit" -- something's going to bite him around the corner I suspect.
Computer Overlord 4/17/19 reply
Definitely a happy accident, but also not totally out of line with what's going to happen in the upcoming pages...I hope you'll keep reading to see!
 Emma  4/18/19 reply
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