Prologue: Page 22
There are basically only two things I can say about this page: first, yes, I did render the Rosetta Stone as accurately as possible. Second, once you write an idiotic title like “Grand Theft Prius,” it will just NEVER leave the script. I didn’t really grow up playing videogames or anything that required a console, so 99% of my knowledge in that area is second-hand tidbits I’ve picked up from people.

I also wrote that joke when Grand Theft Auto was a really popular game, but I kind of feel like the joke is funnier if it’s parodying a game that isn’t really a big deal anymore. I guess the current equivalent is Fortnite, or something, but I only know that game has some dance or whatnot. I’m absolutely not the one to ask.
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There are two languages but three scripts; shouldn't there be three ghost characters, not two?

Grand Theft Geo Metro.
KilleenWizard 9/17/19 reply
Louis is so cute! Your color and perspectives are amazing.
Klausfan 4/10/19 reply
I thought the joke about the origin of the Rosetta Stone (the software) was funnier than the Prius joke =) Then again, I have a son who's close in age to Louis, and I can totally see him thinking that.

This installment makes me wonder about archaic fonts -- where are those ancient Egyptian and Greek potential characters? I wonder if they will make a future appearance...
Waffledog 4/5/19 reply
That’s very true...I also do prefer the Rosetta Stone joke, because I’ve heard people say similar things in museums! I don’t mean to belittle it, because knowledge needn’t be elitist, but gently making fun is more my style.’ll have to keep reading. You’re on the right track, in a way, and I’ll say no more!
 Emma  4/9/19 reply
I'm impressed with your "greeking" on the Rosetta Stone drawing (rimshot, please)
Computer Overlord 4/3/19 reply
Haha, I have to be obsessed with what I’m drawing - otherwise, it takes so long, it’s gotta be a labor of love!
 Emma  4/9/19 reply
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