Prologue: Page 20
I had someone describe this as a “deceptively subtle scene.” In a way, I suppose that’s accurate (even though this page is jam-packed with details and colors) – this conversation has a lot of relatively important information, and I personally hate scenes with flat and obvious exposition. If there’s expository dialogue, it better feel fresh and in character! So that’s what I always try to write, because if it would bore me to read, I don’t want to write it.

Also, I wrote that prostate joke about five years ago and it has never left the script. I know it’s not that good of a joke, okay? I KNOW THIS... But it makes me laugh every single time, so…I guess it’s staying in forever. It never gets a laugh. But there it is, as I have the humor of a 9-year-old boy.
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That joke is funny! I laughed and I'm much older than 9!
Susanna 3/21/19 reply
I laughed uncomfortably. Like a "Ha! eh, awww, ha ha!, eh, awwww."
Miles 3/22/19 reply
The joke is good, but perhaps even an even funnier thing that communicates the most in last panel is his posture.
Computer Overlord 3/22/19 reply
Thank you!!! I'm really happy you picked up on that - in a way, that's kind of the point of the panel.
 Emma  3/25/19 reply
I can tell you from recently-learned experience that high blood pressure medicine has the same effect. I quickly learned that if I want to get some halfway decent sleep, to take the medicine in the morning, so I merely have to go more often during the day, not annoyedly going multiple times a night. It's been less than a month, so I don't know if the effect fades.
KilleenWizard 9/17/19 reply
Yeah...yeah it's that kind of joke.
 Emma  3/25/19 reply
Okay, thank you for the validation...!
 Emma  3/25/19 reply
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