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Prologue: Page 19
And we’re back…to pages that aren’t about fonts! I really love drawing Louis, and I missed making pages about him the past few weeks. But this sequence is a bit long, so it will be ALL LOUIS, ALL THE TIME.

The school uniform I designed here is nice. What’s not nice is, well, how Louis’s jacket alone has 7-8 unique colors. This is 100% my fault, and for me, it’s worth it to have the visual interest of a jacket with a school crest and colors on it. But every time I draw and color it, I just…I always rue the day I decided to add multicolor sleeve stripes or whatever. I myself never had to wear a school uniform, so maybe my frustration towards it is just the novelty wearing off.

I showed these pages to a friend of mine, and it was interesting: he remarked that Louis really speaks very rarely in his scenes, something I had never noticed. Maybe it’s because I’m very talkative as a person, so I don’t necessarily notice when I’m writing a quiet character because in my head, I know everything they’re thinking. I think it's interesting to play with how talkative characters generally are!
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Too many colors? As if hand-lettering a bunch of typefaces is easy...
Computer Overlord 3/15/19 reply
You're right...but somehow, the hand-lettering feels a lot faster than coloring the outfits! Don't ask me why.
 Emma  3/15/19 reply
MY SON!!!!
Lotti 3/14/19 reply
Here he comes!
 Emma  3/15/19 reply
Well, in lots of schools, the jacket gets different in later years, so you could decide to make it all one color when Louis gets a year older. In my school, it was green for freshmans and sophomores, and blue for juniors and seniors.
Susanna 3/13/19 reply
In-universe, this comic takes place in the course of just a few months (and, spoiler alert, but Louis won't always be wearing his uniform/in a school environment as time goes on). So there won't be too many opportunities to change up the design.
 Emma  3/15/19 reply
I love the design! I wish my school had better uniforms. We all would have been much happier with your designs.
Susanna 4/19/19 reply
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