Prologue: Page 14
Did you hear that? Did you hear that faint screaming from California of me yelling “HELVETICAAAAAAAA”? No? Okay then.

Seriously though: Oh my god. Thank god. We finally get to introduce more characters. I know to you guys this probably seems like there’s already a few characters introduced, but here’s the thing: I know how this entire story turns out. There are so many more wonderful characters that make this SO MUCH BETTER that you haven’t gotten to meet yet.

So, officially, meet Courier and Helvetica. Courier is, as she mentions, the League’s mailperson. (Get it? COURIER? It’s a pun.) Her design is fairly blocky, to reflect how I personally interpret the look of her font.

And meet Helvetica! As the Sans Serif department leader, she has adopted significantly more modern technology than noted fuddy-duddy TNR has. I know — finally a modern cellphone in this comic that bills itself as taking place in the present day!

Also, I hope this won't happen, but there's a chance next week's comic will be late! I've been feeling very sick for the past few weeks and haven't been able to maintain my buffer, so sorry about that, guys!
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I hope you feel better soon Emma
theSchuylerSisters 11/24/17 reply
randomly clicked on this site today - something told me that there would still be commenters! emma is doing much better right now; you can catch up with her on twitter @ EmmaTCapps!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 12/1/17 reply
Hi all!!! I'm feeling a lot better and there will be NEW COMICS starting tomorrow! And then every Wednesday after that. I have enough of a backlog that this time - I won't disappear! Thank you for your patience, I love you all so much. :)
 Emma  2/12/19 reply
is there going to be another one soon? you haven't done anything since early 2016 and now it's 2017
anonimiss 1/5/17 reply
Hi there! I know it was a long time, but I was really sick in the interim and couldn't post at all (or even draw or do much of anything). But starting tomorrow I'm back to regular pages!
 Emma  2/12/19 reply
Hi: I hope all is well and you are mending well . It is now early Nov and I hope nothing bad has happened.
we have had no news sence July I am getting worried.

Hugs and good wishes
Annette 11/7/16 reply
If you hop on over to her twitter, @EmmaTCapps, you'll see that she is still kickin!

We miss you, Emma! Still rooting for you.
Ella 11/17/16 reply
Glad to hear that she's "still kickin!". Hope that you get well Emma. *hugs*
Lex-Kat 12/2/16 reply
Hi there!!! I'm doing much better. Sorry for the long delay in posting - if I could've prevented it, that wouldn't have happened, trust me!
 Emma  2/12/19 reply
I hope things are getting better! Good Luck with everything.
blaidd drwg 8/20/16 reply
Seconded. I still visit both this site, and Chapel on a weekly basis. Stay well (as well as can be), get well, live a happy and productive life...
Thank you for your art.
Miles 8/24/16 reply
Thank you both so much for sticking with me all this time! Stay tuned for more pages of League :)
 Emma  2/12/19 reply
Hey Emma! We are still all here for you and hoping you are doing well and getting back on your feet. Chronic illness is incredibly frustrating, but I know you can power through. <3

I also just wanted to take a moment to mention that you have been a bit of an inspiration to me over the last couple years. I first discovered you through your work in Stone Soup, and your dedication to your art has always motivated me. You worked hard to accomplish so much at a young age, and as a young artist myself that's very inspiring. Keep doing you, and I'll always be checking in to see where you are.
NarwhalGirl 8/4/16 reply
Thank you so much for your kind words! Especially if you've been following along since the Stone Soup days - that goes way back! I really appreciate it, and hope you'll continue to enjoy my work and will keep sticking around!
 Emma  2/12/19 reply
Is it just me or has the font of the comments changed?
Celia 6/2/16 reply
Arvo isn't it, or something like that? I believe that's what it was, too. At least for me.
blaidd drwg 6/2/16 reply
Well hello! How is everyone doing? I’ve been checking in on often and I do get a little disappointed when I see that there is no new post but Emma’s health definitely comes first! I hope you are doing well Emma <3 !!
6/3/16 reply
This was my be ^^

6/3/16 reply
by me*
6/3/16 reply
Well, everything considered, I suppose I'm doing pretty well. How are you?

and for future reference you can put your name in the "Nickname" box to the lower left when you leave a comment to tell everyone that it's you.
blaidd drwg 6/10/16 reply
I do put my name on the 'Nickname' box but when I write a message for the second time on a comment my name doesn't appear! It only appears when I write a new message! My name doesn't appear when I reply to any messages! It might just be my laptop..who knows?

6/25/16 reply
It might have to do with the cookie settings of your browser or security settings for any security software you have running on your computer (antivirus, among other things).
Miles 6/29/16 reply
No, I don't think so. I have checked into that and it doesn't look as though it'll work. It might just be my PC. It's 5-6 years old..

- Celia
12/2/16 reply
Thank you so much! I'm definitely on the mend, but I'm not quite back up to doing comics yet, and I don't want to give you guys something that I haven't put 100% into working on. Quality is important to me!
 Emma  7/20/16 reply
I don't think so!
 Emma  7/20/16 reply
Take your time recovering, as always, we'll be here when you get back. I hope you're alright.
blaidd drwg 5/19/16 reply
Seconded. You being alive and well is important, to us as well as you and your family.
Miles 5/24/16 reply
i've been checking back almost every day. we support you always, emma!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 5/25/16 reply
Thank you so much HPPA!!!
 Emma  7/20/16 reply
Thank you, Miles, I really appreciate it.
 Emma  7/20/16 reply
I'm doing much better. I did have to get a surgery and the recovery from that was difficult, but now that I'm feeling better, I hope I can start working again soon!
 Emma  7/20/16 reply
Well, It's really great to hear good news, and to see you responding to comments again. :P
blaidd drwg 7/25/16 reply
Oh gosh, I'm new here and I was a regular reader on the Chapel site, I haven't checked in in forever and I read the post, I'm so sorry to hear that you've been sick! I'm glad to see you're still making comics and I wish you all the best for your recovery. Can't wait to start reading this :)
Folie a Darling 4/23/16 reply
Thank you so much! I'll be back soon, I'm really happy that everyone is bearing with my health problems. :)
 Emma  7/20/16 reply
I hadn't checked in with Chapel for a while and when I did, to my surprise, a new comic was there! I'll miss the little scamp (and Rupert), however this new comic more than makes up for it. What an entirely clever idea. I'll be curious to see what plot lines develop from this concept.

I certainly hope you recover from your illness, Emma. Don't worry about updates, we'll be here when you begin drawing again.
Professor Fate 4/9/16 reply
Thank you so much! Unfortunately I'm not sure when I'll be able to resume regular updates of League of Fonts, which is heartbreaking to me as the last thing I wanted to have happen to this comic was the same spotty update schedule I was forced to use on Chapel. Hopefully, if I can get back on an even keel, the comic can, too!
 Emma  4/21/16 reply
its Wednesday why no update?
3/30/16 reply
Sick got the better of Emma this week.
For her, it's worse than the cough that is going around.
She should keep us posted... illness is something that sucks, but sometimes we just have to deal with it.

Here's hoping you feel better soon, Emma, and hopes that you soon manage to STAY better.
Good luck!
Miles 3/30/16 reply
rly how do u no that
whatfontisthis? 3/31/16 reply
She has a twitter and facebook page that she updates fairly frequently. She's awaiting surgery right now, so understandably taking a quick break from comics!
Charlie 3/31/16 reply
Yes, exactly. Thanks Charlie!
 Emma  3/31/16 reply
Yes, it's not just a normal illness, it's a flare-up of my severe lung disease that renders me pretty much incapable to breathe or do anything else.

I'm going in for surgery in just a few hours and will update on here and social media when I'm feeling better, but there will likely be a few more weeks without LoF. Sorry, everyone!
 Emma  3/31/16 reply
As I mentioned in previous comics and in the social media that's linked at the top of this page, my chronic lung disease (which made me take a long break from my previous comic, the Chapel Chronicles) has flared up again and I've been very sick for a month, so I've used up my whole buffer. I have surgery in a few hours and I'll be hospitalized for at least the weekend, and after that, hopefully we can get me on the road to being well enough to draw comics again! Thanks for your patience.
 Emma  3/31/16 reply
Health comes first.

Don't worry about anything - we'll all wait for you.

You brought a smile and no small joy into our lives, and so your health matters a lot to us.

Just rest, relax, concentrate on your recuperation, Dear.

Our prayers always....
4/1/16 reply
Ah, thank you so much! That really does mean a lot to me. I'm so happy that not only do people care about my comics, they care about me as a creator!
 Emma  4/2/16 reply
oy vey
4/1/16 reply
Oh no! Thought I was up to date and your recovery was going well. Sorry to hear this latest news. May the surgery go easily for you, your hospital stay be brief, and your return to your normal life come quickly.
4/2/16 reply
its Wednesday why no update? my friend Aliza is waiting for an update and so am I
whatfontisthis? 4/6/16 reply
ben is too
whatfontisthis? 4/6/16 reply
Have you been reading her replies? Emma had to go in for surgery and was in hospital... be patient, she needs to heal before she can make comics.
Charlie 4/6/16 reply
my new girlfriend
sid 3/30/16 reply
3/30/16 reply
I'm so glad you like her!
 Emma  3/31/16 reply
whatfontisthis? 3/25/16 reply
Haha, I'm glad everyone's excited about her entrance!
 Emma  3/31/16 reply
seems like Courier <3 $$$
whatfontisthis? 3/25/16 reply
Yes, it is! Good spot :)
 Emma  3/31/16 reply
what font is this?
whatfontisthis? 3/25/16 reply
Do you mean the one on the website?
 Emma  3/31/16 reply
Prologue: Page 14?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Will this whole thing be Prologue: Page....?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
whatfontisthis? 3/25/16 reply
No, it's only the prologue for a few more pages. In reality it's all the same story, but I wanted to find a way to split it up to make it a bit easier to read on the website!
 Emma  3/31/16 reply
Please do get well soon! Your webcomics are simply extraordinary, although I do miss Chapel. Best of luck with your surgery.

P.S. Both Cynthia and Dave miss you very much and brighten upon the mention of your name.
Audrey (Sidney's little sister) 3/24/16 reply
I want Chapel!!!!
whatfontisthis? 3/27/16 reply
Since I'm too sick to draw right now, it would be difficult to even do a Chapel comic. And also, I'm putting the very little energy I have into League of Fonts! I might bring back Chapel occasionally, but she's not my main focus right now. That doesn't mean I don't respect how many people love her, don't worry!
 Emma  3/31/16 reply
Thank you so much! That's so kind of you to say.
 Emma  3/31/16 reply
I miss Chapel too! Keep working on her please, Emma!
whatfontisthis? 3/25/16 reply
Haha, I know you miss her "too," since you're just replying to your own comment! But I get it - we all want more Chapel.
 Emma  3/31/16 reply
I've never seen the Helvetica Font before.

Out of curiosity, will Palatino Linotype be part of the comic? That's my personal favorite. :)
Lex-Kat 3/23/16 reply
Helvetica is a really popular font, so I'd bet you've seen it before and just didn't know! Once I started looking at typography, my mind was totally blown how pervasive some fonts were.

Yes, Palatino will come in at some point in time :). I might also do something in the future where readers can design their own personifications for their favorite fonts and (if that font is not already going to show up) I'll sneak it into the comic!
 Emma  3/31/16 reply
i thought i commented on this as soon as it was posted...whoops! yaaaas, finally helevtica! i love how she's evolved as well; she's super cute! i hope you're feeling better and it's nothing awful - always put your health first! <3
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 3/20/16 reply
Yes! Oh my gosh, I'm so happy you like her.
 Emma  3/21/16 reply
Aww Helvetica is sooo cute! and Courier has a "don't mess with me or you'll regret it" look. Oh and I love the fact that Helvetica used the 😑 beside TNR's caller ID 😂. So far I love all your characters and I'm very excited to meet the rest of the crew!!!
Get well soon Emma!
Logan 3/18/16 reply
I'm so happy you're excited! I am, too. And yes, that's exactly what Courier's look is: "don't mess with me."

I was wondering who would notice the emoji on Helvetica's phone, and - it was you!
 Emma  3/21/16 reply
Well after you revealed in page 14 about TNR having his portrait in his office (i didn't notice it before reading your comment) I've been looking at all the small details in each strip and they are very interesting and funny!! And may I ask why you decided on drawing that particular background picture behind the 'Welcome Fonts' banner? Just curious to know!

3/22/16 reply
me too
whatfontisthis? 3/25/16 reply
It's not a background picture necessarily, it's a window - similar to the one we saw when TNR was first born, which shows the island outside. I'm so happy you've been looking at the details -- I put a lot of care into them!
 Emma  3/31/16 reply
OMG poor dear, how are you now...?

Have lots of rest, drink fresh lemon/lime juice sweetened with honey (assuming you're not sensitive or allergic to either)....

PLEASE get well soon! Health comes before work, yes?

My prayers for you....
DarkwingLady 3/17/16 reply
Learnt something new about Helvetica, love it! And yes she matches!


Oh I hope you get fully healthy at the proper time, so I can see other fonts!

DarkwingLady 3/17/16 reply
I'm so glad! I often think I'm not too good with puns, but maybe I'm not so bad! ;)
 Emma  3/21/16 reply
yeah u r totes her grandma or something
whatfontisthis? 3/25/16 reply
Ah, unfortunately rest and lemon juice won't help! This isn't just a cold, it's an extension of the severe lung issues I've been experiencing since my illness began in September. But I'm going in for extensive blood tests and most likely a (rather major) surgery to discover the cause, so that should help! Thank you so much for your kind thoughts, it's very appreciated!
 Emma  3/21/16 reply
Are you he grandmother? Because it seems like you are....
whatfontisthis? 3/25/16 reply
I absolutely love "Helvetica", she's so perfect for that font I don't even know where to start!
Nefarious Dr O 3/16/16 reply
Oh my gosh! I'm so happy you think so, for some reason I was worried people wouldn't think her portrayal matched the font! I'm so happy you like her: what especially works for you?
 Emma  3/16/16 reply
It's mostly a "total package" kind of thing, but I think the young-vibrancy, the coffee, and the dress (I'm suspicious that the dress is somewhat based on one you've made, but that's wildly speculative on my part...) and the youthfulness. Helvetica isn't all that young of a font, in reality, but it's always had a "young" feel to me for some reason.
Nefarious Dr O 3/16/16 reply
Yes! That's how I feel as well. And very interestingly, it's not at all based on one I'd made. I designed this outfit for Helvetica and the concept of her style as a whole far before I ever sewed my own clothes. There's a very specific reason she wears green: for a while all the street signs in the USA were written in Helvetica, and street signs are historically green, so I decided ages ago that would be her defining color.
 Emma  3/16/16 reply
I didn't know that street signs were all in Helvetica, but that doesn't really surprise me, in retrospect. You've really done some amazing research, and I'm impressed!
If it means anything, not only am I working in the printing industry (and a bit of a typography nerd) but I also have a college degree in history, so your level of research has my respect. Nicely done!
3/17/16 reply
Oh wow, thank you so much! I love history, and if I weren't going into comics, I'd probably have seriously considered it as a college career. Thank you for the kind words!!
 Emma  3/21/16 reply
I love that you love history. It's been interesting reading this so far, and all the interesting factoids you've added.

I hope you get well. I love your story and it's beautiful artistry.
Lex-Kat 3/23/16 reply
Thank you so much! That means a lot to me!
 Emma  3/31/16 reply
I sure hope your surgery and your recovery is going well. I'm sure it's not easy, but we're all pulling for you.
I dropped something on your facebook you might like (and hopefully will help with "keep the morale up" things) because it's a "periodic table of fonts"!
4/9/16 reply
My first reaction was: Courier is a... COURIER... AAAAYYYY.

Helvetica is just the cutest lil' thing. I want her dress... and Courier looks like a cool retro 70s person who's outfit I could thrift from the local vintage store. I LOVE your designs!

Please be careful though, your health is more important than comics :~) love you!
Charlie 3/16/16 reply
Yes! Courier! I had a ton of fun designing their outfits, especially Helvetica's. And Courier loves her suits!
 Emma  3/16/16 reply
NO!!!! Emma's comics > Emma's health!!!!
whatfontisthis? 3/27/16 reply
Um hi I'm new here but if you think Emma's comics are more important than her health than you, my friend, are a selfish human being. If Emma doesn't look after her health, then there will be no new comics. She has to look after her health so she can get well and keep drawing and writing. I am honestly disgusted and appalled that you would even think that, let alone write and post it. Emma's health is her top priority right now and rightfully so, and if you don't agree, then I honestly don't know what to tell you. Sorry if I came off as rude, but I need to make a point. If you care more about the comic than the artist, then you shouldn't be here.
Folie a Darling 4/23/16 reply
Ahhh, I love Courier! Can't wait to see where her story goes. Also, Helvetica's dress is super cute. The hairband is a nice touch.

Can't wait for next week! And of course I totally understand if the comic comes late. Health first! :)
Ella 3/16/16 reply
me too but comics > health!
whatfontisthis? 3/27/16 reply
I can't create comics at all if I'm not healthy.
 Emma  4/1/16 reply
I'm so happy you like it! And thank you, it probably will be late because I've been very under the weather. But it'll be done eventually! :) I'm so happy you like it!
 Emma  3/16/16 reply
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