Prologue: Page 11
This is how it works for the personifications of the fonts: They can be “born” looking any age, but they will all have the mental capacity of an adult, hence this young font’s already somewhat advanced vocabulary. A lot of the more adult-looking fonts, like Futura, are really uncomfortable with this…but really, almost ANYONE would be skeeved out with a 7-year-old with the vocab of an adult.

As we’ve seen in the past few pages, fonts can’t age at all — Futura and TNR look exactly the same after 80+ years — but they CAN alter minor things about their appearances, like their hair. Most fonts tend to keep their look the same over the years, but fashion-forward ones like Futura will adjust slightly to fit changing trends. Hence, she’s swapped out her 30s finger waves for a more modern shaved head.

Another thing that has changed since we last saw this space in the 30s: the medical technology at the League! They finally have modern beds, and — thank god — hospital gowns. No more shirtless font drawings for me, thank you.

The League had to update its rules once design-your-own-fonts programs became available, or else they would be more swamped with fonts than they already are. Hence Futura's comment about fonts now coming only from major design houses or typographers.

Next week: Futura grows even more uncomfortable with child-size fonts. Yay!
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My reply is typically "Watch yer f****** language", which usually gets a laugh.

It's been a while since I read Chapel; just now reading LoF.
KilleenWizard 9/17/19 reply
P.S., I say it in a deadpan tone, as if I were talking about the weather.
KilleenWizard 9/17/19 reply
Hey Emma! Sorry I wasn't able to write a comment here yet..was a bit busy with school work! I wanted to say that I am absolutely loving League of Fonts!! I love how it's very different, unique and creative! Can't wait for next week's strip! I suppose you don't know where I can find a time travel machine so that i could skip to next week? :D Hope you have a good day!
Logan 2/26/16 reply
Oh my gosh, you never have to apologize for not commenting - I know it's super busy for everyone, but regardless, I'm SO happy to see you here! I'm really happy that you like my new comic.

I already have next week's strip completely finished, so I know exactly what happens, spoilers! So I guess I'll see you on Wednesday! :)
 Emma  2/26/16 reply
Oh no...I HAVE TO WAIT FOR FOUR DAYS. Well you know when you are not enjoying a particular class or activity and the time just doesn't seem to move at all? Well I think waiting for Wednesday is going to be like that...IT'S GOING TO TAKE AGES BEFORE IT'S FINALLY WEDNESDAY! Thanks a bunch Emma.. ;-) Oh btw I love your green hair! Planning on trying another color soon?
2/27/16 reply
^ This was by me!
Logan 2/27/16 reply
*Logan For some weird reason the name isn't appearing even though I put the name in the Nickname section. Maybe it's my computer? Can anyone else see my name in my last two posts?
Logan 2/27/16 reply
That's weird. I can't see your name. Hopefully it's not a bug, but if it happens to anyone else, I'll look into it.
 Emma  2/27/16 reply
No worries, I understood!
 Emma  2/27/16 reply
Hi there! Oh well...four days isn't necessarily TOO bad! And hopefully it'll be worth the wait, at least ;) I'm glad you're so excited for the new page!

And I'm happy you like my hair! To be honest, I don't really have plans to try any other colors. Green has always been my favorite color, and I've had it green for almost 2 years now, so I honestly can't see myself trying anything else...
 Emma  2/27/16 reply
Well guess I'll just have to wait. Haha yeah I understand how you feel about not trying another hair color. Was just thinking about all the new hair colour trends, methods and color schemes that's been discovered the past few years! So do you still get time to sew some new clothes? I feel like you might not have any time to sew because of college and LoF.
2/28/16 reply
That's so true! I feel like everyone expects me to want to change my hair (and I get it, because it seems everyone who chooses a bright color rarely sticks to one) but for me it's less about trends, and more just that I like the color green!

I'm not in college currently because of my illness, so I do still sew along with drawing!!
 Emma  3/1/16 reply
nooo i need more shirtless fonts to fuel my shirtless font addiction
sid 2/24/16 reply
Oh my god...why...Why...
 Emma  2/24/16 reply
Nice explanation for what's happening. I like how you handled that. Did you know the Lucinda Handwriting font on my Word just disappeared? I don't know exactly when it happened but a document that had some in it changed to Lucinda. Do fonts die?
Andy 2/24/16 reply
Thank you, I'm glad you like it! Hilariously enough, Lucida Handwriting shows up briefly in two weeks. And fonts don't necessarily die, but if your Word updated, that can sometimes affect it -- actually, Word's change of default fonts in updates is a pivotal plot point that'll come up later ;)
 Emma  2/24/16 reply
just had an incredibly stange mental image of comic sans as an infant speaking like an adult on the phone to TNR. truly iconic :)
your logic is so impeccable....i love all of your clever ideas! amazing once again!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 2/24/16 reply
*strange! whoops :)
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 2/24/16 reply
Haha, it's okay!
 Emma  2/24/16 reply
Yes, that's probably something that would happen! Although they're generally older than infants, just because they need to be able to, say, walk around and such, haha!

I'm so glad you like it!
 Emma  2/24/16 reply
Futura is so down to earth, I love it! I'm also loving the perspective you used in the first panel :)

Just curious, how far in advance do you draw out and color your comics? I've always wondered how webcomic authors manage their updating takes real commitment to give us these pages as regularly as you do, and it's very much appreciated!
Lily 2/24/16 reply
Hi there, I'm glad you like it! Panel 1 is obviously supposed to call back to the first panel of page 2; using the same composition in order to show the differences.

Back when I did Chapel, each page was a bit simpler, so I drew each one a couple days before it was due to update. However, since LoF pages are more complicated, I draw them in advance! The amount of "buffer" I have depends on how complex the pages are. Right now I'm drawing a page for 3 weeks from now, which is taking a bit longer than usual because it's complex, but I'm simultaneously drawing a page for a month from now!

I generally draw them in chunks, usually based on how long a particular scene is, so I can get everything consistent within that scene!
 Emma  2/24/16 reply
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