Prologue: Page 10
Three things of note in this page: Times New Roman keeps a portrait OF HIMSELF in his office; he always keeps his pinky up, because he fancies himself a proper gentleman; and his mug says #1 BOSS on it. Let me tell you, I had a LOT of fun drawing all of those visual gags into this page, along with all of the hand-drawn type. And Times New Roman is unexpectedly very fun to draw, just because he's so darn grouchy.

All joking aside, this page has a lot of really important plot-type information. As I said last week, it's...probably not a good idea to trust someone who has two phones, and TNR is kind of proving that true here. My personal nickname for this page is just Times New Roman Lies And Berates People On The Telephone.

Things we've learned: the League is located on...Atlantis, and now that it's been over 80 years since he was born, TNR has been promoted to the CEO. But what about John Hancock? I can't tell you exactly what's going on, because that'd be spoilers -- but do you have any theories about WHY John Hancock and "Robert Smith" exist?

And, finally, there's that Comic Sans joke everyone has been asking for! Don't say I never did anything for you.
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Yikes, sorry about my blowup on the other page...anyways so far I'm really loving this comic and just the amount of work that goes into each
Folie a Darling 4/23/16 reply
Oh no worries! Thank you so much for the compliment, it really means a lot to me.
 Emma  7/20/16 reply
TNR is so conceited i'm never using this font again
4/15/16 reply
Oh my gosh! Haha! I didn't think this comic would sway people's opinions!
 Emma  7/20/16 reply
isn't Robert Smith Chapel's dad?
whatfontisthis? 3/27/16 reply
....Maybe....I do like to put crossovers in my work ;)
 Emma  7/20/16 reply
Don't hate Comics Sans, myself. Honestly, I don't even really understand how someone can hate a Font. *eyeroll* Kinda weird, in my opinion, but whatever.

And don't exile Papyrus. :( I'd rather Times New Roman was run over by a bus.
Lex-Kat 3/23/16 reply
yeah comic sans rox
4/15/16 reply
 Emma  7/20/16 reply
Don't worry - people will get their comeuppance eventually.
 Emma  7/20/16 reply
Yes. Comic sans. Why is undertale taking over the internet?
BabaYee 2/28/16 reply
Haha! I'm not sure.
 Emma  7/20/16 reply
gotta love the comic sans joke. also, i think that john hancock is some sort of human organization, and the fonts act as undercover representatives from the league? oooooh, a mystery!
Harry Potter PWNS ALL 2/21/16 reply
Maybe! That's pretty close. You'll find out for sure in just a couple weeks, though! :)
 Emma  2/21/16 reply
Very cool. Looking forward to more!
Andy 2/18/16 reply
Thank you so much, Andy! I'm looking forward to getting to reveal all the plot secrets :)
 Emma  2/18/16 reply
Poor comic sans. I actually don't hate that font, but I'll admit it's been badly mis-used (along with Papyrus) far too much.
NefariousDrO 2/18/16 reply
Yeah, I don't think either font looks that good anyway, but the main reason we all hate them is because of over-use :) I can think of plenty fonts that are just as ugly, but less reviled, because we're not oversaturated from seeing them everywhere.
 Emma  2/18/16 reply
Of course he hates Comic Sans. Comic Sans has been exiled to Antarctica with the penguins. If only we in real life could be so lucky. (Is Papyrus with them?)

Times New Roman is fun to watch, too. He's so good at lying, and from the viewer's perspective, it's so obvious. It leaves you wondering whether either of the stories he gives are true. And I'm amused by his #1 Boss mug.
Amanda 2/17/16 reply
Times New Roman, like the rest of us, finds Comic Sans annoying... TNR has a very short fuse, so it's not out of character for him to do something like that.

Ooh, I like your insights about Times New Roman here - they're pretty spot on. He IS a very good liar, and he also has the power to back up his claims, which makes any lies even more dangerous...
 Emma  2/17/16 reply
Times New Roman is used for newspapers, so of course he's used to lying...
4/5/16 reply
Loving the pretty phones, the GORGEOUS hand lettering, and TNR's frumpy suit/tea!
Also is that italics when he says "Comic Sans" in exasperation?
2/17/16 reply
Oh my gosh, thank you so much! Yes, he's definitely quite frumpy...

And yep! They're italics! He, like everyone else, hates Comic Sans.
 Emma  2/17/16 reply
It'd be really hard to /not/ dig the hand lettering you're doing. It's neat because, while it's definitely Times New Roman(in this case), it's not perfectly Times New Roman, because you've done it by hand. It's more like it's YOUR version of Times New Roman.

Chapel was more self-contained or rather fairly short arcs of connected pages, but it seems like this is going to be a more continuous narrative and I am very very excited to see how it goes and also to see how your story-telling works out in a more prolonged setting.

I should get off my butt and make something myself.
blaidd drwg 2/17/16 reply
I've got to be honest though, I've never much liked Times New Roman (the font), although your characterization of it seems awfully fitting so far.
blaidd drwg 2/17/16 reply
It's not my favorite font either! Hilariously enough, my personal favorite fonts are relegated to side roles in this comic. :) It's because they're generally more obscure typefaces, and I wanted the main characters to be more recognizable fonts that everyone would know.
 Emma  2/17/16 reply
Oh my gosh, thank you so much! My hand lettering is a little bit less-than-perfect on this page because there is SO much dialogue here that I couldn't stress over each letter quite as much, but I don't think it detracts from the experience. The reason I decided to do it by hand in the first place was to make it blend in with everything else, since this whole comic is drawn and inked traditionally, with no digital!

Yes, you're spot on about that difference between Chapel and League. That's why (I've mentioned in some places before), I worked on scripting League while I was working on Chapel, and I have an entire script for the comic already completed. Because it's a longer, continuous narrative, I wanted to make sure I had the plotting down pat before I started to draw it.

Haha, yes! Go ahead and make something! I love seeing people draw comics or write stories. It's the best to be creative together!!
 Emma  2/17/16 reply
I'm so glad to finally get a glimpse of the League of Fonts - Times New Roman is such a dynamic character! And the art is superb, as always ;)

My best guess is that Robert Smith is some kind of guise or side job for've said before that the fonts start to age when they fall into disuse, so perhaps that's the purpose? Beyond that, I wouldn't know...ill just have to find out in a later update!
Lily 2/17/16 reply
Yes, I did mention that in the "About" page of this comic, and it'll be explained in more detail later on.

You're spot on that Robert Smith is a guise for TNR, but it's not necessarily a side job...more about this will be mentioned in the next few pages, though, so you won't have to wait that long to find out! ;)

I'm so glad you think TNR is a dynamic character! I had fun with his body language on this page.
 Emma  2/17/16 reply
seeing him in action w/ his body language, all I can hear in my head for his voice is like. Jeremy Irons as Scar in the Lion King, which is an excellent villain aesthetic tbh. ohh TNR. as soon as I saw the portrait in his office I got 10000% psyched for his nonsense.

also sweet jimminy christmas i love your hand lettering on the italics hgfjkdshg
matty 2/17/16 reply
OMG I forgot what Jeremy Irons in the Lion King sounded like so I went and looked it up and...yes. Good. I also feel like TNR's voice could be weirdly squeaky, alternatively.

Thank you so much!! The lettering on this page took forever but it was definitely worth it.
 Emma  2/17/16 reply
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