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Hi there! Welcome to the League of Fonts. I like to call this page "Ominous Font Designing: Extreme Sports Edition." Or you could just call it "Page 1." I don't make the rules.

Before you start getting excited, no, this whole comic won't take place in 1931! I love historical comics, but boy howdy are they work to get right. While I was drawing this page, my browser window had something like 51 open Google searches of phrases like "typography studio 1930s," "tables and bookshelves 1930s," "did furniture even LOOK that different in the 1930s," "why did i even draw my comic in the 1930s," etc. You get the picture.

The newspapers in the extreme foreground are the Times of London, a British newspaper. The font Times New Roman was created to be the new "look" for the Times -- hence its name.
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Excellent. As a font nerd, I love the idea of the League of Fonts. I am enjoying reading, starting at the beginning now.
Tracy 4/18/19 reply
Stunning work.
Klausfan 3/7/19 reply
Emma, I just want to say that I think the work you do is AWESOME!!! I have recently discovered chapel chronicles and the league of fonts, so I am one of your newest readers, but my first issue of stone soup had your illustration on the cover and I always enjoyed reading your stories and looking at your illustrations when I was younger. As an artist myself, you are very inspiring, so keep up the great work and I hope you get better soon.
Zellie C 4/3/16 reply
Thank you so much!! I'm so happy you like my work. I'm feeling better lately, but I'm not 100% back to doing comics yet. Comments like this are what keep me going! :)
 Emma  7/20/16 reply
OMG this is awesome but I want Chapel!
whatfontisthis? 3/27/16 reply
Hi! Aw, I'm sorry. I know everyone loves Chapel - but there's going to be a surprise for you Chapel lovers this fall! Keep an eye out for it - i'll announce it here, the Chapel website, AND my Facebook page!
 Emma  7/20/16 reply
This makes me so happy, you have no idea.
I'm a huge "Typography nerd", having worked in the printing profession for about 20 years, now. I used to be able to do lettering like he's doing on your (wonderful) art, but it's been a *long* time since I've tried that.
This goes at the top of the list of comics I'll be following!
Nefarious Dr O 1/21/16 reply
Oh my gosh, hi there, Nefarious! I remember you from the Chapel comments section - I'm SO happy you've come to take a look at my new work, it really means a lot to me!

I had no idea you had worked in printing, that's so cool! It's really fun to get to chat about fonts with people because of this comic, I'm having a lot of fun so far. I'll be excited to see what you think of future installments! (And you can call me out on it if my lettering ever looks wonky, haha - you've got a professional eye!)
 Emma  1/21/16 reply
I'm certainly glad to see you're doing a comic again! I figured that with school demands you wouldn't have time for something like this, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise when you announced it.
I doubt I'll have reason to "call you out" though, I'm pretty confident in your skill.
Nefarious Dr O 1/22/16 reply
Well, since I'm not in school now due to my illness I definitely have more time! Thank you, though, I'm so glad you enjoy my work and I'm super happy I get to have new comics for people to read!
 Emma  1/23/16 reply
THIS IS SO GOOD AAHH i'm so excited to read more!!
Rowan 1/21/16 reply
Oh my gosh, thank you so much! That really warms my heart to hear - I'm excited to MAKE more! :)
 Emma  1/21/16 reply
Beautiful and cool - wonderful choice of era and historical perspective. I love learning and I love you chose a topic that allows it.

I run tabletop rpgs, usually set in the 1920s, though I also have dabbled in Elizabethan and Revolutionary era, as well as WWII. So cool that your art and stories have such depth.
Andy 1/20/16 reply
Thank you so much! I absolutely love historical fiction and historical works, and there's something about the midcentury era that's really interesting to me! I'm the only 18-year-old I know who has watched all of Ken Burns's movies, for example, so we'll just say I'm secretly 90...

I'm so glad the historical element of this prologue resonates with you! It was a lot of work to do, but the kind I really enjoy!
 Emma  1/20/16 reply
Since I can't take any credit whatsoever for helping you make this awesome art, I'll have to be satisfied that I helped turn you into a Ken Burns addict. :) This looks really cool, Emma!
2/26/16 reply
That's it, I'm sending you a copy The Times. Cool reference right there!
Anyway I am SO pumped for this, your art is beautiful, the perspective is wonderful and I get to see fantastic characters come to life...
Charlie 1/20/16 reply
The Times actually has a different font now, not the original Times New Roman, which makes me kind of sad actually! Luckily there were lots of reference photos for the 1930s version that I could still find online!
 Emma  1/20/16 reply
I'm so excited you finally got to launch League!! it's been an honor reading the script and being the beta tester for this lovely project and i'm pumped others finally get to read it!!!!
Rochelle 1/19/16 reply
Thank you!! I hope everyone will like it as much as you seem(ed) to!!!
 Emma  1/19/16 reply
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